Significant Event

♡ Significant Event ♡

Today will be a life altering, mind changing, miraculous, bold, uniquely problem solved, you tried everything in your power to fix but failed…moment

Its time for you to have a “Significant Event”

Always remember, a problem to you is an opportunity to allow God to show you a Miracle…He waits for you to take your hands off of it completely…so fight the urge to “play pray”

LORD, i need you to help me but there’s one more thing I am going see if it works…We all have done it so right now I need you to release your hold.

Give it completely to God. In your waiting give God Praise…

Come on and give God some Praise, come on, come on Right Now! Lord, surrender my Crazy Praise! My lifetime 30 seconds worth of church praise…Lord I give you my all the time Praise and will keep my hands lifted up to keep them off of my problem. Keep sending me songs! Keep showing me Your glory.

I need you Right Now! In Jesus Name

~in Him~


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