Rejoice Always

“Rejoice in the LORD always, and again i say Rejoice” Philippians 4:4

It is such a wonderful way to view life and everything that comes. It can be difficult to accomplish on those days when you are tested and tried. It can be even more stressful in those times of wilderness or family breakdown; when work is problematic, when children are not listening or when your loved one (husband and/or wife) are not communicating and disagree…especially those agree to disagree moments for they are not resolved problems merely shelved problems collecting dust until another problem arises to remind you its still there.

We need to Rejoice…Rejoice…Rejoice!!

When we take each moment and learn to Rejoice in the LORD; every moment and circumstance takes on a light quality. It is not difficult to bear, it is not heavy on the heart, saying i’m sorry doesn’t feel like a trip to the dentist office. See to rejoice simply means that you completely Trust God. Every aspect is under His guidance as allowed to make you stronger. Rejoice by calling out to Him, Rejoice by singing songs, Rejoice by worship, Rejoice by taking self out of the equation and making God the Solution.

Find time today and every day, find time in the moment of reading this thought to Rejoice…and when you get done…and the enemy attacks or counter attacks Rejoice some more!!

be encouraged

~in Him~


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