Protect the Seed to Plant the Seed

5 years ago Gods Spirit gave me this piece of wisdom. It is time to release it once again.

Protect the Seed to Plant the Seed

From the throne room…it’s so very important to guard the seed…protect it and plant it in fertile ground…it must be deep enough to be rooted but not too deep so that upon death life cannot spring forth….know what seeds you are planting and how much room each one needs to grow for all seeds cannot be placed in the same area for all seed do not grow the same way.

different seeds need different amounts of water and pull different nutrients from the ground. Always be careful when planting after plowing, during this time the seed is even more vulnerable from attack because the ground is unprotected, disturbed, due to the uprooting of the stones, insects, and the creepy things that are meant to consume and devour the seed.

Check the seed and ground just tilled and do not turn your back for a season so the enemy cannot taint the good seed or fertile ground. He is determined to try and choke out and destroy to good seed…Glory to You, Oh GOD. GLORY!

I don’t know who else that was intended for but may the Holy Spirit provide you the interpretation you asked and prayed for “your seed will live and not be choked out!”

~in Him~


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