Dwelling Place

just as a house is made a home to live in so must our bodies become holy temples; a place God dwells not expels.

We understand that each home becomes a place we’re memories are shared. Some we experience contain so much laughter and joy and yet all the time growing up is not sunshine and roses. Oftentimes pain, disappointment & hurt also accompany those memories.

We learn to balance and always hope for more better days than sad and in all things for most people that is the case. What I have come to realize is that we spend to much time keeping record. We give weight and measure to hurtful experiences moreso than the positive ones.

Let us start taking the time to learn to become better and see the bigger picture. Let us use those experiences that produced tears and grow. Let us not be so quick to surrender our faith when we only want the joy in our spirit healed.

Let us continue to make our bodies holy and acceptable through prayer, fasting and reading the Word. Let us sing and give praise in worship for God wants to dwell in you. Clean up so He may be Welcomed Home!

be encouraged

PL Patterson


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