~ Note 2 You ~

My child…throughout the ages from the beginning of time; 
I created the heavens, the earth and the moon for you; 

the sun, the stars and the sky were painted in my glory for you with brilliance and wonder, purposed to always have you look up to me…

Son and daughter, I have always had you on my mind; 

you are my most cherished and loved creation; when I formed you, I took my time and paid attention with intricate detail and perfection;  

It is my image you are created, it is my breathe I gave which brought you Life…the essence of you heartbeat is set in perfect rhythm and balance that I alone observe & measure…

I have been with you walking, talking, protecting, guiding and forgiving every mistake and I send angels to be with you when you go astray. It is never the darkness that you need fear…as I am always with you

I will never leave you…

I have never forsaken you…

For even when I am angry with you, my Spirit reminds me and my Son sacrificed Himself so that I always see Our Love…
I am writing simply to remind you…that I love you…I am proud of you and everything that I have purposed and revealed to you will come to pass…I am increasing what you see; now you must believe what is already received and speak into the atmosphere to call forth and activate the blessings given.

  ~ in Him ~


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