Called to Serve and Serve the Call

​In study…
HE has come to Bless You
And said, My Lord, if now I have found favour in thy sight, pass not away, I pray thee, from thy servant: Genesis 18:3 KJV 
Let me just say this: God has come to see about you. He cares about His servant, He cares about whom He has called. When He comes ensure you recognize Him. Ensure you offer your best place. Ensure you as host present water and rest and as much time as you have. When God comes it is not the time to show off how much you have….it is time to do work. It is time for you to stop being lazy and ensure God finds rest. 
It is time we get up and prepare the best meat and finest bread, it is time we season and allow God to rest not because we want to sit back and talk story; not because we want to ask for more or receive more gifts. 
Most don’t recognize what God has already done for you so why keep asking for more when you barely do what He has required of you to do anyway? 
Even though God may come to bless you, it doesn’t happen overnight. He comes and measures the work committed to you and judges your heart. When found obedient the season He prepares and sets aside for you, God will speak from His mouth and you will receive. 
God comes because He found favor in you. He is your guest and is to be honored above all. It is not up to someone else to honor your guest. You must be the one to serve and prepare while God is given rest and comfort. God will wait, eat, be refreshed in comfort. You are to protect and keep what has been given. 
There is so much more but I do not have enough time to elaborate. Read verse 1-8 to understand this: 


   “you are called to serve and serve the call.”
let that marinate…
     be encouraged 

        ~ in Him ~


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