Life “Selfie”

​Good morning: 

As i get up to begin a brand new day, i take a moment to alert my senses to the sounds of life. I pray and i take deep breathes ensuring i am alive, i pay attention to the air within me and the air around me, i listen for the birds, i listen for the rustle of my children waking up, i think to myself…i wonder how many people woke up with a similar moment and also how many when it all done and their feet hit the ground…can truly say they shed a tear…in gratitude

There are moments we have each day they happen and we anxiously move into the next moment with no thought on what just happened. We are already in next several moments. 

Take a moment and focus on that moment. Don’t move don’t get up just be still and focus for just that moment on life…the joy of breathing, the bees buzzing, birds singing, sun shining, rain beating, wind blowing, the feel and flow of the covers…whatever but be in that moment be:

grateful…joyful…happy…content…silent…still…and hold it…capture it like a “selfie” and reflect back when the crazy hustle and bustle begins…

Which could be any moment….Now!

            be encouraged


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