Sow the Word

​~Sow the Word~

“And He taught them many things by parables, and said unto them in His doctrine, Hearken; Behold there went out a sower to sow:” Mark 4:2,3 KJV

there are times GOD has given me a Word to speak and in those times I may speak in such a manner all who hear; do not immediately understand, it seems like a parable to some, and/or ramblings to others; for others it may be jibberish; the eloquence of speech too boring or too educated…so I took this to the LORD in prayer.

LORD reveal truth and allow me to give it in love yet teach Your Word in all humility. Earlier while taking some much needed time in prayer and study the below scripture/chapter spoke revelation to me. Please add chapter 4 of Mark to your study. Take a moment and read the parable of the “sower” then focus on verse 10-12* (prophecy) and receive your portion in verses 15-20…

some 30

some 60 and 

some 100…

everyone don’t get it immediately but know the Word grows..???

“the sower soweth forth the Word” Mark 4:14 KJV 

Revelation comes immediately…or Not??

♡Believe in God♡

~in Him~


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