Weather 2 Overcome

​Right now in Hawaii it is cloudy with rain throughout the day and that’s okay. It is not the best of days. It makes one seem lethargic in all things. I want you to know that your circumstance maybe overcast and cloudy at times. There will be times the rain comes and last all day. But always think in those times that regardless of your situation, try rearranging the words in your favor. 

Part of test and trials come in order for you to grow. They come to cause you to see and change your current circumstance to better and brighter days. They come to increase hope, faith, love, trust and belief. They come so that you pay attention and focus. When the rain comes you must slow down. When the storm comes there are places you cannot go but it wasn’t safe or time for you to be there anyway. When it is cloudy or overcast the wind is usually coming from a different direction of is strong enough to move debris and bend the trees. 

Evaluate what is going on outside in order to apply what is needed inside. Look at how nature obeys God’s Will. Expect the shifting to set in order the direction of growth. Will you shine brighter and pay attention to what is coming? The promise will come and how it comes is necessary! 

            be encouraged 

                ~ in Him ~


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