Double Is No Trouble 

​Double Is No Trouble
“And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.” 2Kings 2:9 KJV 
One must always consider the work leading to the double portion. You cannot receive double if you have not committed your hands to the work. You see Elisha did not rest, he did not stop…he humbly followed the man of God, Elijah. He didn’t move ahead of nor lag behind. His obedience keep him keen and vigilant to the anointing and not the man. 
Now, I can already hear some of you in disagreement to my comment. Simply put Elijah received his anointing from the Holy Spirit to be a vessel of God used powerfully and mightily. Elijah did not try to out do or out perform, nor out preach or out prophesy anyone. In fact there was a time when Elijah thought he was God’s only prophet left. He thought he was the only one doing the Will of God and the only one who yet remained obedient. Elijah had a moment but God reminded him not to dwell on himself and that God had everything under control. Listen for the still small voice amidst the noise of everything around.Just do as I have instructed you to do and I will do a new thing (read 1 Kings 19 chapter, key verses 4-7, 9-12 and 15-21)
 Now in order to receive double you cannot merely sit idlely by waiting nor can you “copycat” this anointing. There is an inherent receipt of responsibility, accountability and dependability required of you. You will be asked to do some things you feel are less than your worth. It is not simply because of the name you are given like a family inheritance passed down. You cannot be lazy, you cannot be too anxious or overly excited. You cannot reap a reward for the work others do while you sit by watching, wasting time or complaining. You cannot put your name as part of the group and when things go astray bow out and cast blame by saying things like, “See if I was in charge” “I told you so” “You should have listened to me” …etc. etc. etc…
There is work leading up to receiving a double portion and there is even a greater work keeping the double portion. Ask when you have totally committed. Ask when the time is right and not when you feel you ready? Ask for more when approached, don’t go looking for work you know you not going to do. Dedicate your hands to the work and God will dedicate His Spirit and increase.
            be encouraged 

               ~ in Him ~



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