​Today’s memory moment: 

Marriage: Love Her & Respect Him

There must always be a balance in the love given and respect shown…in marriage it must always remain @ 100% given and 100% recieved. Women respect the man of God given you (not fear or submit) but respect the love of who he is…

Men love the woman of God, as Christ loves the church (not a dictator or bully) but love that is pure.

Men and Women the balance is men see respect as love for him and him alone; so do not freely give it to someone else lest he is drawn or pushed away. Men, women feel love as respect for her identity and nature not simply her beauty; do not look through her, overlook her, not listen to her nor use her as a piece of jewelry or ornament. 
Communicate effectively between the two of you thus keeping it one hundred 100%
That is why it must always been given equally 100% by both less the scales are tipped and one feels responsible or obligated and then blame, hurt, lack of trust, guilt begin adding thier weight
This balance must be communicated through words and deeds and must be encouraged and worked on daily. 
                 be encouraged                                                         ~in Him~


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