The praise inside of you is magnified when the circumstance of life overwhelm you. Cry out to the LORD, with a loud voice and/or with tears. GOD knows how He designed you and when your voice is sincere.

For all those going through something, test, storm, rain, problems on every side, feelings of depression, loneliness, worry, doubt, etc… this revelation was just dropped in my spirit…”endure darkness with the promise of light” the definition of endure: to carry on through despite hardship; to bear with tolerance; to continue in existence; to last; to suffer patiently without yielding…so what does that mean for all those going through start saying “I will__” 

In Psalms 30 David begins with the words I will extol ( praise highly or exalt above everything)  thee, O LORD…then in verse 2 we understand that David cried…in the midst of his enemies, in the midst of possibly being killed by his enemies he cried out unto GOD and his injuries were healed…and next after realizing what GOD has delivered him from David then sings…somebody’s in need of this breakthrough, I can feel it in my spirit…watch this now, in verse 5, five…reads, ” for His anger endureth but for a moment; in His favor is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”  

I need you to stop thinking about time right now and catch this…GOD’S anger is but a moment, if you blinked you might have missed it, if you thinking right now, you missed it…no matter what we do because of His Son, Jesus “in His favor is life” His anger with us is not seen but for a moment, because He sees us through His Son love for us…”Jesus died that we might have life!!” 

Now catch this we may cry hard (weep) sometimes, we might even cry ourself to sleep, but mostly with the choices and decisions we make in life that brings a season of bad, darkness, clouds, sadness, depression, for a brief period of an undetermined amount of time for us…but if we “endure” all that stuff!! 

In the morning, afterwhile, when the sun comes up…here comes JOY! Glory to the Name JESUS! Someone should be Praising Right Now! Clap, stomp, shout, I felt a release! Hallelujah!!  We must endure the night but only for a little while, only until the morning light, for JOY is just a sunshine away! JOY is just a over the next ridge! JOY is breaking through your problem! JOY is overtaking your circumstance!  Will you endure? 

Thank you LORD for manna from on high…may Your Word be received down in thier spirit and heal a broken heart so they might see You…may all who partake of this meal be filled, in Jesus Name, Amen.

~in Him~


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