For Every Question?

​For Every Question? 
“Hearken unto this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.” Job 37:14 KJV 
As I sit on my stoop trying to ease the troubles of my mind, I am refreshed by the Word of the LORD. I look to heaven and feel the warmth of the sun, the touch of God’s breath, the wonders of the clouds and I can hear not only the peace of all the earth but you can also hear above the madness of traffic and business of our lives moving. The hustle and bustle of the need to always be moving, to always be in a hurry, to not pay attention to the beauty surrounding or to hear life.
It is amazing when we take a moment to be with the LORD, to get in a place and simply wait on Him. It is so peaceful to cry out and feel God touch you the only way He can. It is blinding almost to look up into the heavens and see what forms and shapes the clouds reveal. 
I imagine the reason Job was allowed to be tested in the manner he was, was because he could be trusted. If I can encourage you today, my thought to ease your troubled heart & mind is that Our Father is allowing you to be tested because He trusts you. Everything you have, everyone you meet, every word spoken. GOD is trusting you. His Son Jesus has shed His blood as sacrifice for you. 
Have you considered all the wondrous things in your life, the sights you have seen, the times you were saved from harm, the blessings you hold, the loved ones so close? Have you considered the wondrous things and miracles seen every day? Have you considered simply being still long enough to pay attention? 

Have you considered…the answer is?
God tests you because He trusts you

God tests you because He trusts you

GOD tests you because He trusts you
make it personal: 
GOD tests me because HE trusts me
  when this Word settles in your spirit completely without worry, doubt nor the troubles of this life…everything will be restored unto you with increase
            be encouraged

                ~ in Him ~


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