Conversations with God

Alot of times for some (a large portion) our lives and conversations are about pleasing people, speaking, cursing, laughing and joking to be accepted or fit into someone elses plan or group…and it takes a change or divine move, spiritual revelation or the voice of God himself; for one to realize that you have been pleasing the wrong one and have forsaken God. He awakens you so that you know He hasn’t forsaken you. For when on begins speaking about God and all things heavenly with divine wisdom we no longer fit the mode of everyone else, we are fashioned through the fire, changed, made new and now people begin seeing the light.
A light now that cast away the darkness; the enemy has no power over you and thats why they persecute you, speak negative things about you, defile your character, attack your family, because it seems easier that choosing to serve and/or believe in God.

           LORD you lead i’ll follow
                        ~in Him~


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