The Word Asked For?

So you been asking for a Word from God in helping you to cope, deal with and change some things, situations and people in your life…know that God’s desire for you is to:

1) withdraw you from your heart or intent to sin
2) hide pride of life from you
3) keep your soul from destruction (pit)
4) keep your life from death by (sword/war)
5) to give divine enlightenment (revelation of truth)

His love is pure but we must learn to be still and careful to hear the Word, we must be attentive to hear the call of your name and more importantly answer ONLY when you know its God, stop jumping into action everytime you think you hear your name being called…learn to be still and know the voice of God so that you cannot be persuaded. This means you must seek, study, walk and learn of Him with an honest and pure heart and desire more of Him than the things and pleasures of this world and/or the lust after one another

real talk leads to deliverance
~in Him~


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