So let this word encourage you, across the water, to the highest mountain or hidden in the deepest cave…no matter when you go, God has placed Himself within you, with that being received there is no place you can ever go on this earth that God is not with you. There is no place that God is not calling, speaking or reckoning you back to Him. God will even straghthen the crooked path for you and by His Spirit lead you through the darkness back to Him. He always lead you to the place of your greatest blessing. When God sends you everything has been prepared for you so that He may prepare you…let the place surrender unto you the bountiful riches with your name on them. May everyone surrender of their time, talent and gift. May paths be crossed and doors be open. Receive this and do as you have been instructed, now is the time to do…

               be encouraged
                  ~ in Him ~


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