Faith Moves

FAITH is given in measures:
No Faith…
Some Faith…
Now Faith…
Immediate Faith…
Through Faith…
Mustard seed Faith… 
By Faith…
Great Faith…
…lacking Faith
Without Faith

For all the situations in life we face, it is our faith according to the measure we use, have and draw from that gets us through. We go from having no faith to exceedingly great faith throughout our life time.

What measure of Faith do you call on when confronted by the attacks of the enemy? When the enemy arises to test, break, distract, confront, attack and steal from you, activate your faith. It is a free gift and not a crime.

You have been freely given to use it. Stop trying to defend your faith to those around. Simply speak to the mountain and it will move. The activation of faith allows you to see problems as God sees them, to see the solution ans not the problem.

Faith requires us to re-examine the actions we used and then reminds us to call upon the actions we need to overcome. #faithmoves

“The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.” Matthew 8:8 KJV

In the text, as Jesus enter the city of Capernaum he is approached by a centurion Soldier of some respect , nobility and authority concerning the very tortuous sickness one of his servants. This name is not mentioned however the love is inferred when you look at the totality of the scenerio. When Jesus speaks to the centurion that he would come (to his house) heal the servant. Pay attention to the response.

LORD i am not worthy but if you just speak that he is healed then I believe  Your Word.

We all need to learn about our faith, exercise our faith move by faith and how to activate True Faith. As we grow in our identity and the knowledge of God our Father, His Son and our Savior Jesus and our Comforter the Holy Spirit; let your measure grow to overflow. Problems cease when faith is alive. They become a fleeting moment of life, cast away as far as the east is from the west.

May this day you find the place to accelerate from simply having Faith to living Great Faith!

                  be encouraged
                     ~ in Him ~


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