Overcoming Busyness

Overcoming Busyness
“My busyness has robbed me of my joy.”

There is an epidemic that is rampant throughout the land. No part of the country is immune from this plague. Little children suffer from it, as well as the elderly and those in-between. There is no quick cure and many people never recover from it. It breaks up homes, incapacitates people, and contributes to many other diseases. It certainly devastated much of the twentieth century and looks to be even more deadly in the twenty-first. It is busyness!

I highly recommend Steven Covery’s excellent books First Things First and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. These books provide a helpful process to aid leaders and team members identify those priorities that are most important to them and make them a part of their daily and weekly routine. If our priorities are not reflected in our schedule, then they cease  to be priorities. Covey’s quadrant of priorities – important/not important, urgent/not urgent – has been helpful to each of us in our personal and professional lives. (The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace page 199)

The solution to busyness is not laziness. It is not a shirking of responsibilities or a giving of oneself to recreation. It is to put first what Jesus said is first. It is a realignment of priorities in which we put the one thing that is needed in the very center of our lives, allowing everything else to flow from it. As we learn to sit at Jesus feet, we find the rest of our day more orderly and less hectic. Rather than trying to accomplish everything we think we need to do during a day, we listen to His still small voice directing us to do that, which comes from Him.

A thought for TODAY: Busyness by itself isn’t wrong, but busyness requires intention. Pray that God will guard you from pointless busyness and that if you are busy, that you’ll live busy with a purpose.

Jesus Is Lord! CH B


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