Pray For Someone Else

This evening if you will, take a moment, about the same moment of time it takes you to read this post.
I am asking you simply speak a prayer for or say a name you want GOD to bless. Take a moment and listen to your spirit for the person to receive this gift you are about to bestow, with this specual anointing. You must want and truly desire in your spirit to be a blessing, not a curse when making this request before GOD. We are blessing one another and believing by faith over your life Right Now in the Name of JESUS.
We ask humbly for this moment GOD reveal unto your unmerited, overflowing, unfathomable measures of grace and favor by your faith. May this moment be recorded in the heavenly and may all angelic host rejoice with us in this moment of Divine purpose. May immediate seeds be sown, sprout up and mature in your life. May this prayer be the one you have waited for your entire life, releasing rivers of living water. May this be your season to prosper.

In JESUS Name.

                       be encouraged
                          ~ in Him ~


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