Be Weary of a Whisper


Still allowing the enemy to whisper and control your thoughts, filling up & giving you suggestions on who you are and what or who’s best for you, still looking around at what everyone else has instead of looking to see what God has for you…then want to be quick to sing the song of praise “What God has for me, it is for me!” but don’t want to live the life that type of praise brings…have you not realized that only what you do for Christ Will last ?

All becaused God allowed don’t mean that He’s pleased…now get that in your spirit. God does not stop disobedience, He corrects it!

You better stop pretending and playing church…or you will be rebuked like the church. When Jesus went into the temple he cast out all that was not of God. He cast “them” all out and then those who needed to be delivered from blindness and those lame (lacking direction, not able to stand, having an infirmity) Jesus healed them.

Read Jeremiah 7:8-12; Matthew 21:12, 13

ever encouraged
      ~in Him~


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