Let Us Pray

This prayer for today i ask that you say with me and believe:

FATHER, in heaven, creator of everything under the sun, giver of life and all things which were made for good. I cry out to You, LORD, I am a sinner, I have fallen short of Your glory. Some within is generationally from the sins of my fathers before me but all is based on the choices i make as I walk in blindness in the ways of the world. But, right now, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus, whose Name is above all names, whose blood has cleaned me, washed me, made me whole so that I may have life everlasting with You in High places;

FATHER, Please forgive me. Please help me, please deliver me and Father I ask that you heal my body. I commit my heart, mind, and spirit unto Your Will so that I may walk in all power and authority given me. Iam bold enough to take back what was stolen from me since the beginning and I reclaim my position and right relationship with You.

I believe that Your Holy Spirit will enpower me, lead and guide me through the valley of the shadow of death, across the wilderness, through the deepest ocean and atop the highest mountain for Your glory.

Allow my life to be an example of Your restoration in me and grant my life to speak Kingdom building and resonate Brotherly Love into all who see me.

May every reader be touched by Your Spirit, and may they Be Healed by thier Faith and Belief in You,  Your Son Jesus the Messiah/Savior and the Holy Spirit both now and forever. Touch them Right now so they know they have been changed…for the dry places have been watered and thier spirit renewed. Thank You. Bless them Oh God restore the joy of thier salvaltion, in Jesus Holy, Mighty and Matchless Name.


Recieve your Breakthrough!!

be encouraged
~in Him~


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