Disconnected Service

This mornings post is actually a repost; the Spirit of the LORD revealed to me the other day this revelation:
                  “disconnected service”

~we are a children, a people and a nation who have disconnected ourselves from GOD~

we doubt, fear, send up idle words, lift up idol gods, seek wealth instead of the kingdom of heaven, we’ve turned our  hearts far away from Him, we curse others out as a means of communication,  we steal from, kill one another, shed innocent blood, are easily entertained by the destruction of the affairs of others and only try to connect to God on a month to month service plan!  

How you complain about paying tithes, how you continue to skip over payments, try to talk your way out of payments or seldom pay the minimum balance to keep your phone on; then open your mouth for a discount. No worries right because when your phone gets cut off you simply decide to change your number living in one location with service from another place…you are not grounded nor are you rooted by have a wandering spirit.

Be careful, the children of Israel had a wandering spirit also and generations walked around until they died in the wilderness listening to everyone else, trying to go back into bondage instead of walking in freedom… be careful the enemy also has a wandering spirit, walking about the earth to and fro, seeking whom he can destroy.

We have lost service and connection from turning away, we have wandered into dry places believing them to be wealthy places, we have built up our cities and allowed any and everything, to rest and live with us, There are neighborhoods established; communities flowing in every direction away from church but not turning our heart towards GOD, minds set, hearts of stone, crowded spirits and little faith.

You have a number that identifies who you (we) are in Christ Jesus but it is no longer connected….

It’s time to reconnect your service, you have a hot line, direct line and Jesus always answers the phone. He awaits your call to reconnect. JESUS awaits you to accept HIS plan it cost you nothing for the price has already been paid. HE not only paid your bill for all eternity but HE also left HIS Holy Spirit you intercedes on your behalf and keeps you connected if you want.

Will you reconnect to stay connected?

                   be encouraged
                      ~in Him~


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