Read the Book not Just the Page

Read the Book not the Page

I know alot of people don’t get it; don’t understand my words nor my passion for speaking as i believe placed in my heart. Sometimes your ministry and the gifts you operate in are given in such a way to confuse the enemy and stir up your ministry gifts. This is done to eventually get you to believe in the entire Word of God and ability you have to receive and operate in the very gifts you run from; you run mostly because of what you’ve seen as the way the gifts have operated in others; and sometime the blantant misuse of those gifts…i am glad i have been allowed to be hidden so that you stop looking at me. Some of you “think” you know me and are cluelessly walking in darkness.

If you continue to look at a particular page in a book, most will stop reading it; you tend to miss out on the importance of finishing it thus the reason it was placed in your hand or reason you chose to get it…you are purposed to get something good out of it…something just for you…yet you must still be mindful of what you read, stop filling your mind with only  “Gossip”; stop filling your mind with “Lustful desires” ; stop filling your mind with “Soap Opera drama”  remember what you fill your heart, mind and body with that’s what will come out of you…

Instead fill your mind with the “WORD of God”  and the Word will come out…

there are many pages in a book so as many pages in one’s life. The more you read, the more you receive the knowledge for yourself. If you try to cheat by reading the “Book of My Life as Seen By Others” you bind yourself in their knowledge, picture and image of who you are and only live according to their standard.

That is not how God sees you…live the life God has planned for you not the life others have told you to live…

For someone, parts of this were meant for you to hear, other parts to save and use for a later time. For some others, use thos to reflect on who you are versus who others say you are and even some to read, disagree with and murmur under your breathe about me. It is fine. For as long as in the end, at the appointed time, place and season God gets the glory…i will continue…some will “like” some will “comment” but God Will judge between thee and me.

              be ever encouraged
                      ~in Him~


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