A New Year: Requires a Fresh Anointing

☆ New Season ☆

For all in preparation and excitement for the coming New Year. This is the day and moment you stand looking into the promised land, this is the time, whether standing in the plains, standing on the mountain top or standing on the beach looking towards the horizon. A fresh anointing is flowing, relased into the atmosphere and has begun to move, swiftly and powerful.

Glance back, think on all the lessons learned, think about the dreams and hope let go, remind yourself of what did not get done, what had and has not happened, what you did and didn’t do, the effects it has on you…use to propel, accelerate and launch you into tomorrow. Wait before you move.

Place those feelings of negativity, depression, lonliness, hurt, anger, frustration, failure, sadness, unbelief, pridefulness, familiarity, emotional bitterness, unacceptance, hatred, jealousy, envying, all thoughts not of God’s love, grace and mercy need to be left behind. They need to stay in 2015. They need to be separated from you as far is the east is from the west…today 31 December 2015 is the last day. Today is but a few moments, there is so littlr time…

Now place your focus on the horizon and be inspired of His promise to you; lay hold of the beauty of the land you see, the water that flows with deepths of blue and purity, how it feeds the land, the trees and refreshes you spirit. Pay attention to how inspiring tomorrow is; too how seeing what has been given you and all the increase, the depths of what you shall possess for you and each generation after you, your seed and its greatness. Do not let go, do not change your focus, close your eyes,  take a deep breathe, speak the Word, feel God’s Presence with you and take one step into the NEW…

2016 is upon us decide to say good bye to 2015 and receive new vision, new dreams, new hope, new faith, new love, new joy, a new body, new vision, new hearing, new wisdom, new strength, a new mind, a new you in Christ Jesus walks…

“therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV

                   ~ in Him ~


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