PRAY With You

Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone,

On yesterday I was blessed to preach the Word on the last Sunday of 2015, As I (we) prepare for Watch night this Thursday nd then our Statewide Worship and Prayer Event on 2 January 2016. Please allow me to pray for you.

I want to extend to you all my desire to bless you. I want to come in agreement with all willing to allow God to leave behind those things in 2015 and move into the promises of 2016.  As 2015 was your year of New Beginnings allow 2016 to be your year of Prosperity.

Get Ready for doors, windows and promises to overflow. Get ready for t&e crooked to be made straight. GET READY. GET READY
for the blessing of your work to overtake you…

You may inbox me, email me, call me, place a word or prayer request in this message, place a letter in the mail, or however the LORD lead you but you must “simply believe” you and i will come into a covenant agreement before GOD. I take every prayer seriously before Him and I Believe that GOD Will perform. This is not a joke and will not be taken lightly but for the some, let us join together and allow me to intercede for and with you.

In Jesus Name.

            ♡Believe in GOD♡


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