Penned a few years ago but still holds true:

when you begin focusing on the place you are, the situation and all those feelings that come with the circumstances of life you are dealing with…close your eyes, take a deep, deep breath and clear your mind

It may be time to move on to the next thing…alot of our energy may be focused on trying to force change. You cannot force change it must be received and/or accepted. Instead, pray for wisdom and move to the next level, step, or increase

Continue the path you are going for it is very dangerous to change directions. God’s plan to the place prepared is not confusing.  One must focus on the best, one must focus on what is being revealed, the truth of a better tomorrow by the path we walk today yet the danger comes in looking back…stop comparing notes. fight the desire to turn and focus on what someone else is doing, saying and follow the path laid for you

Expect the unexpected…the blessing is near, you have been standing in the doorway, fumbling with the keys to an open door, seeing the light but doubting your are to walk through; trying to rationalize, judge and dictate the way you want everything but never truly expecting a reward, never truly durrendering your will to HIS WILL…speaking “hot air” prayers with no work and no true, personal faith, it will come to pass;

be blessed and always encouraged
                  ~in Him~


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