As I prepare to rest my head, say my prayers and consider what’s in store for this week. Allow me to speak to your spirit and say, “Be mindful of the words people speak over your life and into your being” ..do not argue over, rather use the Word of GOD to speak life into yourself, believe it shall come to pass, increase your faith along with action. Not everyone will lift you, not everyone will raise a hand to help and very few will give you their last…

Stop allowing everyone to speak into and over you;  in order to test the spirit by the spirit one must be Holy Ghost spirit filled for flesh cannot rightfully discern spiritual matters

It is not about right and wrong, this you were already taught; the law is the law everyone that may seem right, look deeper (there may be a hidden agenda). Truth requires action as action demands truth.

   Good Night Facebook Family

                   be encouraged
                      ~in Him~


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