Stop Being Hypocritical

There are still some of you who have prayed with no belief in what God has revealed to you; some of you stand before His people speaking idol prayers over the situation or misfortune of others; some of you wait anxiously for wonders, miracles and signs but that is all you do like looking up at the starry sky. God reveals and you sit around waiting, God was that you? What do you want me to do? LORD, I can’t do this, it’s too hard! I don’t have…no action, no movement, you stay in a constant wait pattern and then try to throw God’s Word against Him. Stop being hypocritical.

For everytime the term wait is used in the Bible there is action used with it. There is always something that you must do for God even in the midst while waiting on God to perform it.

GOD is always doing for you even while waiting on you to choice to follow, believe and love Him!!!

be still & know
~in Him~


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