♡ HE Sees You ♡

♡HE Sees You♡

“The LORD recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the LORD God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.” Ruth 2:12 KJV

The Word of the LORD this morning comes from the book of Ruth. These are words spoken to her by Boaz as he is given wisdom and all knowledge of who Ruth is and her willingness to surrender all and follow God.

Ruth lost everything, it could be debated she was depressed, one could only imagine losing your husband or loved one, having everything else taken from you, having to leave your home, your comfort, your friends, and trust in the only person who becomes a pillar of hope to you, who just happens to be your mother in law. Now that is Ruth’s story as here she has found favor in the eyes of Boaz but more importantly the eyes of God.

We clearly see the favor given by Boaz but look closer at the word he speaks over her, they were not bout himself but here he says, the LORD will replace, give back, increase, give a full monetary and personal reward for all her work.

Ruth came into a personal relationship with God. Isn’t it encouraging to know that He sees us, that God is watching over us, that when it seems other are getting over, not treating us fairly, that we work harder than most and get nothing in return, we feel cheated, low self worth, depressed, doubtful, unappreciated, ugly, broken, lonely….

God sees you, God is with you, God has people watching over you, God has protected you in and under His wings and the plans He has for you, the blessings He has waiting to overtake you are right there…God sees you, God knows your worth and God has already deposited the funds in your name. You are His child. You are the work of His hand. You are who He has created you to be and there is a Boaz watching not stalking but patiently waiting to see God in you who has been given favor searching for you…

             be encouraged
                ~ in Him ~


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