Settling of the Dust

The Settling of the Dust

the enemy wants to bring about chaos and confusion; he makes noises, so you turn your attention, he will generate havoc in your life, he will suggest ideas to your friends but moreso your family, the ones you love to cause you to question God.

So i make this declaration: i am standing on the promises of Jesus, I believe in what God has given me to be great, it is a gift to inspire hope and encourage one to believe with your whole heart, it asks you to BELIEVE, it questions others to BELIEVE, it speaks to a nation who has turned away, it speaks to a people and a children to stop playing with God. It is a warning to wake up, to open your eyes, to kneel down and pray, to change, to repent, to allow the Word to seap into the depths of your spirit and bring about life.

Look around, look at our world, our nations, our cities, our neighborhoods, look at our children, our men, our women, our brothers and sisters, look at the multitude of society, how we treat one another, how we idolize one another, how we institutionalize one another, how we speak to and destroy the character and worth of one another. How we select our elected as a popularity contest? How we stand by and defend the law breakers, the slayers of justice and have turned freedoms and liberties into reality television, we have even made a mockery of the administrations and governments of church into a multi-million dollar industry who have helped keep people blind, walking around with a deaf and dumb spirit of ignorance, kept them poor and desolate, keeps them silent waiting on blessings from man while making God a rousing bed time story and the Bible a book of fables.

Where is your faith? Who have you placed your hope in? Who do you BELIEVE?

What ever happened to those who proudly repeat Joshua in saying, “as for me and my house, we shall serve..?..”

The truth is you don’t know because you don’t know the Living God, you don’t truly believe so you:         changed the ending, added a question mark or simply tell yourself that you don’t want to cause waves or create a scene. I want to go to church and hear a feel good message that makes me think about change but not so much to act.

so people what happens when the dust settles? what happens when the fog is removed? what happens when the noise ends? what happens when the trumpet sounds?

do you truly believe or are you still waiting for the sign?

         be encouraged
            ~ in Him ~


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