Mountain, move!?

Mountain Move

“and Jesus answering saith unto them, HAVE FAITH IN GOD. For verily I say unto you, that Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be cast into the sea; and Shall Not Doubt In His Heart but Shall Believe that those things which he says shall come to pass, He Shall Have Whatsoever He Says.”

In the verse above Jesus is teaching a lesson that speaks to situations, speaks to objects or circumstances in your life that do not bear fruit. Situations and circumstances that for you may come upon but is not meant for you get involved with, things which are not purposed to grow.

The words come after 3 major events that are taught, the first is about or concerns Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem which we teach about the tied up donkey, the disciples that had to retrieve it and then Jesus entrance and the spreading of their garments and palms on his way proclaiming Hosanna…The next concerns the fig tree seen from a distance but upon coming up to it to eat of the fruit, the tree was barren so Jesus says to the tree that from this day on no one coming upon you will ever eat from you again. This text is commonly taught as Jesus curses the fig tree…hmmm

Watch this, the third lesson commonly taught concerns Jesus’overthrown of the temple and house of God which was because the purpose the temple was created was corrupt, deceitful, alot of buying and selling going on, exchange of deals, shaking of hands…come on somebody catch this…the house of God, the temple of the Most High was turned over time into a den of theives.

Jesus is saying you have allowed all this stuff to enter and come upon you causing you to be fruitless and yet have the audacity to try and welcome me into this place all the while plotting to destroy and kill me because you don’t have Faith in me and Beleieve that I AM…the Great I AM.

For what you desire…what you believe with and in your heart is what will come upon you.

Jesus will not dwell in a den of thieves, the Holy Spirit cannot clean what keeps being allowed to dwell. Get up and start cleaning house, become productive, do what you have been called to do, stop taking short cuts, watered down versions of what people say, stop pretending to Praise God on Sunday and then plot against Him on Monday through Saturday!!

Come on somebody!!

Give God some Praise as someone just received their breakthrough. Someone has just been enlightened
Someone just received revelation and someone decided to accept JESUS as their LORD and Savior.

It’s time to turn your life around…start TODAY!

                   be encouraged
                      ~ in Him ~


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