“And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. ” Mark 12:30 KJV


This is the first commandment, this is the bond that holds everything together, this is the promise we should always strive to fullfill LOVE GOD with everything that you are, everything you have, the best of you and all of you working together in love. A heart not to be swayed built on faith, with each pump of blood flowing, beating the promise of life through your veins is because HE LOVES you…with the soul of your identity created and breathe upon for HIM, you are knit together ny His hands in glory, before the foundations of the world, HE loved you and formed your spirit from HIS Spirit. Your mind was implanted the wisdom of the ages, the secrets and mysteries  of great wisdom and knowledge, gifts to change the world to greater depths of LOVE not war and destruction, hatred, rage or jealousy, not to disprove tear down or try to deter truth but to reprove, bear witness, inpart, support and unhold GOD IS…
and the measure of strength given you in your body does not compare to the measure of strength given your faith.

  LOVE GOD is the first commandment and to LOVE one must already KNOW and BE DRAWN into a deeper relationship with. Let this resonate throughout your spirit. Speak how much you LOVE GOD. Tell HIM just how much and show HIM by the LOVE you have, show, to others and this is not the physical definition we like to display and pretend is love. That love is selfish and pleases only the body, has the ability to be corrupted, distracted, used and judged falsely.

LOVE GOD is the 1st commandment before HE said, “Let there be Light.” GOD had you in mind, HE LOVES you so much that HE took time to make the place perfect in creation before placing HIS hand to forming you from the intricate pieces and particles of the dust of the ground, perfectly placed together in HIS IMAGE.

that’s love…

         be encouraged
             ~ in Him ~

Paul L. Patterson
~in Him~


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