“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21 KJV

The most important things you consider of value are your treasures and we treasure alot of different things from people to items to jewelry to moments in time and places visited. But how many can remember the time of your baptism, how many can remember when God increased your gifts, how many remember those moments when death was knocking at your door and His Spirit saved you, His angels lifting you; how many times has Jesus saved you but all you can remember is how much you drank or who you were with that wasn’t who you were supposed to be with; in that moment of time that’s were your heart was…you treasured and it became SSSOOOO IMPORTANT!!! to your heart?

We all sin and fall short, we all do, have done and may continue to do things and then blame them on our heart; we are creatures of habit with the ability to change everything around us. We chose who we listen to, where we go, how we get there, who’s going with us, why we are going in the first place, how much fun and how the experience will affect us the rest of our life? We measure the experience and catergorize just how important the moment is according to the affect on our heart. 

We then avoid places, people and environments kindof the same way also placing worth on how much it hurt? who hurt us? and why it affects us? and when do i get the chance to hurt them back?

I believe it is time for some cleaning, i believe its time to re arrange somethings and stop hoarding onto things we treasure but need to let go. I believe we should take time to reevaluate what feelings, emotions and moments in time are stored in our heart. I believe it is time to  find and open up the treasure chest, allow the moths, and dust to fly away,time to make room for the Holy Spirit and realize this truth. You see we are earthen vessels created from te dust of the earth, yet inside of us was placed a hidden treasure. God’s Spirit was placed inside of us to find so that we maight have life eternal, so that we might understand and seek Him, so that we diligently seek His wisdom, open His gifts and ask for hidden revelation of our identity.

let us change the MATTER of our HEART by changing what MATTERS in our HEART

where did you place GOD?

             be encouraged
                 ~ in Him ~

Paul L. Patterson
~in Him~


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